Newnan Outlaws is the athletic divison of The Cobra Foundation.  Under this division TCF will provide organized sports avtivities for youths and youth adults of ages 5 - 25. Under this division TCF will sponsor Toddler Flag Football (3 - 4), Youth Tackle Football (5 - 14), and a Midnight Basketball Summer League (14 - 25). 




The word "COBRA" in The Cobra Foundation stands for a "Community Of Brothers Restoring America Students" and represents the mission of this great organization. TCF is a 501(c)3 entity that was established in 2006 by De'Andre Franklin with the sole purpose of teaching at risk youth of Coweta County life skills through the sports of football and cheer.  Over the years The Cobra Foundation grew beyond the boundaries of Newnan, GA and the purpose of Youth Football. Now youth mentoring services of this multi-state organization are being realized in places such as Madison, AL; Birmingham, AL; Detorit, MI, and coming soon Chicago, IL and Manchester, GA  For more information about The Cobra Foundation click here

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